I apologize for being absent from posting here for so long, but I have an excuse… no, actually, I don’t, so let’s just move on to today’s news.

Pedro Macedo Camacho, that likeable chap who created the music for A Vampyre Story¬†and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, has been interviewed by my good friends (and much less lazy news posters) of It’s well worth a read, so go do so already!

4 Responses to “Of Pedro and the Mojo”

  1. Jones Jr Says:

    Unfortunately, you probably do have an excuse – if there were more AME news, it’d probably be here :(
    Maybe they need to fire up a Kickstarter? Seems all the cool kids are doing it now…

    …Also that is a good interview with Pedro :)

  2. Haggis Says:

    Apparently Bill Tiller is considering doing a Kickstarter campaign, so we’ll see. Let’s just hope it’s going to be successful, since the bubble seems to be bursting already.

  3. whathappensnext? Says:

    So I’m confused is bill still going to let AVS2 out? and what is the email, to send to him, to talk about AVS2?

  4. Haggis Says:

    I think the idea is still to release AVS2, but there’s no ETA on that.

    As for contacting AME, you can try here: and also be sure to follow Bill on Twitter, where you can also get in touch with him:!/billtiller

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