Once again, Bill Tiller has been kind enough to answer some of my questions. Of course, with the recent announcement of Autumn Moon’s new episodic series called A Vampyre Story: Year One, the interview focuses on that. But there is also information on a possible episodic Ghost Pirates game, and non-game AVS spin-offs, among other things. Just read the interview and all will be clear!

2 Responses to “Everything you wanted to know about AVS: Year One, and more!”

  1. PlagueRat Says:

    yay! New fun game in Draxylvania setting! It’s sad thou that they recast Mona’s voice actress.

  2. Haggis Says:

    Yeah, I agree. I didn’t hate Mona’s voice as much as other people apparently did. But I’m sure they’ll find a suitable replacement. Still, if Rebecca Schweitzer happens to be reading this: I think you did a good job on Mona!

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