To celebrate Halloween, Autumn Moon have announced a new game… well, actually it’s an episodic series, called A Vampyre Story: Year 1. As the name implies, it will have Mona and Froderick exploring Castle Warg and Draxsylvania. The series will come to iPhone, iPad, and PC. For more information, check out this message on the A Vampyre Story Facebook page, and keep an eye on The Pumpkin Post as well!

Update: You can now view the first screenshot from this new series exclusively on The Pumpkin Post!

4 Responses to “The announcement is… episodic vampyres (updated with first screenshot)”

  1. PlagueRat Says:

    Mona doesn’t look innocent at all.=\

  2. flexia Says:

    Are you worried about her innocence?

  3. PlagueRat Says:

    Not really, but she is supposed to be kind? Doesn’t she? But on screenshot she looks like a bloody seducing killer!))

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