Hello boys and girls, I haven’t see you in a while! Don’t worry though, this blog is not dead (and not undead either), there just hasn’t always been post-worthy news. But now there is! I got the chance to take a look at the music studio of composer Pedro Macedo Camacho (who you all know from his excellent work on A Vampyre Story’s soundtrack). While there, I got a small preview of the music for Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, and I can tell you it will be great, as always. From the little bit I heard, I can already tell that all the pirate fans among you (and that includes me) will be happy. So keep your eyes out for the release of Ghost Pirates! We’ve already seen the art will be great, and the music will no doubt be great too. As a bonus, here’s a photo from Pedro’s studio, where the maestro himself is hard at work making music.

Pedro at work in his studio

2 Responses to “A visit to Pedro’s studio”

  1. LGH Says:

    Hmm… sounds very interesting.
    Will we get a teaser soon? Will you write an article about your visit? Including every single word Pedro said? ;)

  2. Haggis Says:

    Well, right now it’s a bit of a balancing act between what can and can’t be said before the release, but I’ll see if I can write some more about the Ghost Pirates soundtrack. :)

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