I’m bringing back The Pumpkin Post just to let you know about this interesting news: Bill Tiller has (finally) started the Kickstarter campaign for A Vampyre Story: Year One. There are lots of interesting rewards to be had, and for just 8 bucks you can own a download version of the prequel to A Vampyre Story. For the less financially challenged among you, there are rewards up to and including unique art by Bill Tiller, and even a phone call with Mona, Bill, and Froderick. Now, go and watch the funny campaign video on Kickstarter, then contribute to help make this project a reality!

Meanwhile, for all your Autumn Moon news, I suggest you go to The International House of Mojo. They’re doing a fine job reporting, so there’s really no need for me to post it all again here. You will of course see the occasional update here in the future, such as when big news like today’s happens, or when I have an interview or something like that for you, but in the meantime, Mojo is the place to be! And Kickstarter.

If you still, for whatever reason, haven’t bought A Vampyre Story yet, now’s as good a time as any to set things right. DotEmu are having a sale, and you can now get A Vampyre Story at the low, low price of 3 Euros or 4 dollars. Do hurry, because the sale ends October 29.

Here’s a little update on the upcoming 1954: Alcatraz, which will have familiar names such as Gene Mocsy and Pedro Macedo Camacho on the credit roll. Speaking of the latter, Pedro has been busy making music for the game, and one thing that will make the soundtrack quite amazing is that it will have a live orchestra and live jazz musicians. For an adventure game, that’s pretty special. Be sure to check out the below video for a sneak peek, and keep an eye on this blog for more news on this game, and of course Bill Tiller’s games, once he gets his Kickstarter campaign up and running.


Hopefully we’ll get some more Autumn Moon related news again soon, but meanwhile here’s something very cool. Pedro Macedo Camacho, the man behind the music of A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates, has composed a masterpiece. Don’t believe me? Then listen for yourself, to his Requiem Inês de Castro. It’s composed for Portuguese queen Inês de Castro, who never got a requiem for her death. That has now been put right however, and I’m sure her contemporaries would have loved it. Let’s hope we’ll be able to hear Pedro’s music in many more games, since it’s obvious this guy has got talent.

I apologize for being absent from posting here for so long, but I have an excuse… no, actually, I don’t, so let’s just move on to today’s news.

Pedro Macedo Camacho, that likeable chap who created the music for A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, has been interviewed by my good friends (and much less lazy news posters) of It’s well worth a read, so go do so already!

Gametap have announced that A Vampyre Story will be added to their lineup of games, so if you’re using that and still haven’t played AVS, now’s your chance. Meanwhile, it appears that Bill Tiller has received some letters about AVS: Year One from disgruntled fans, who happen to have rather curious names. He addresses their concerns in this blog post, and if you want your questions answered, send him an e-mail at



Igor Hardy brought to my attention a new game being developed by Irresponsible Games, called Alcatraz. But wait, what has that got to do with Autumn Moon? Well, a bit more than you’d think at first. The game, which is about the famous prison in the San Francisco Bay, is being created by Gene Mocsy, who has co-written Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. Furthermore, Pedro Macedo Camacho, who did the music for AME’s first two games, is also behind the score for Alcatraz. And last but not least, Alcatraz is currently using placeholder character art, which will look very familiar if you’ve played Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. By all means, it’s a game to keep an eye on, and if there’s any notable news about it, you’ll of course read it here.

Once again, Bill Tiller has been kind enough to answer some of my questions. Of course, with the recent announcement of Autumn Moon’s new episodic series called A Vampyre Story: Year One, the interview focuses on that. But there is also information on a possible episodic Ghost Pirates game, and non-game AVS spin-offs, among other things. Just read the interview and all will be clear!

To celebrate Halloween, Autumn Moon have announced a new game… well, actually it’s an episodic series, called A Vampyre Story: Year 1. As the name implies, it will have Mona and Froderick exploring Castle Warg and Draxsylvania. The series will come to iPhone, iPad, and PC. For more information, check out this message on the A Vampyre Story Facebook page, and keep an eye on The Pumpkin Post as well!

Update: You can now view the first screenshot from this new series exclusively on The Pumpkin Post!

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